Residential Roofing NYC

Residential Roofing NYC

You probably run out of options for residential roofing! Well, either there are numerous options, or you do not know where to begin! Roofing NYC is here for you. To choose the best quality residential roofing option in NYC, contact the trusted certified residential roofing experts at Roofing NYC.

We understand that your residence deserves a quality roof at affordable prices and handled by professionals with the capacity to provide any roofing issues they may encounter. As such, Roofing NYC has a dedicated team with years of experience to help in roofing material selection, roof design, and roof installation for your home.

Over the year, we have forged lasting partnerships with leading manufacturers for roofing materials and provided our clients with a range of residential roofing systems. Our reputation from the quality service to homeowners in New York City makes us stand out as the best residential roofing company in NYC.


Roofing NYC has its foundations on knowledge capacity, experience, and certification. We combine our years in handling residential roofing in NYC, building codes, and customers’ expectations to deliver quality roofing.

Some of the most common residential roofing materials include;

Asphalt shingles: are a popular roofing system for residential homes. Most shingles begin as a fiberglass mat doused with water-resistant asphalt. The upper surface is a layer of igneous granules, enclosed by a ceramic pigment covering that safeguards the asphalt against UV beams. The shingles are made with a uniform thickness of 12 by 36. Installing the asphalt shingles requires professionals to avoid roof issues; Roofing NYC will handle all your asphalt shingle materials for your residential roofing in NYC.

Cedar Roofing: A cedar rooftop is a marvelous sight to view. Considered a conventional material item, cedar ages flawlessly and will safeguard your home for generations. Our hand-crafted cedar rooftops are expertly installed to the best expectations.

Flat Roofing: The flat rooftop reacts well to nearly all-weather patterns, functions well in the populated areas of NYC that have numerous tall buildings, and optimizes space. It can include ads on such as air conditioners and other amenities. Call us today for more information on your residential flat roof in NYC.

Metal roofing: Roofing NYC using metal roofs requires well-fabricated sheets that sublime well with your home. We offer consultation to replace, repair, or install new metal roofing for your residential home.

There are numerous roofing materials to choose from at Roofing NYC. Call us to find out more. We offer;
  • Residential New Roof Installation
  • Residential Roof Repairs
  • Residential Roof Maintenance Plans
  • Residential Roof & Attic Inspection
  • Residential Replacement Roofs

If your building has a roof – then we can fix it!

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